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Muebles Solomando started in 1957 by Mr. Florencio Solomando Leal, craftsman since the age of 14. He decided to create a small family business, which is typical in Valencia, in a small workshop of 200 m2 using high-quality materials, natural veneer, and marquetry craft for auxiliary furniture in the great majority like receivers, consoles, mirrors and hangers.


In 1982, his son, Mr. Florencio Solomando Barrera took the reins of this small business, continuing the old traditions, expanding the product range and opening new markets. Today, “Muebles Solomando” with 13,000 m2 area has a wide range of handicraft products: auxiliary furniture, dining rooms, bedrooms and sofas. “Muebles Solomando” has proven itself worldwide on the furniture market and has participated in various classical and international trade fairs.